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i'm burdened by a fate
by a fate that i can't fix.
living like i'm scared of every word
that leaves my rotten lips.

some days i'm feeling low
most times it don't make sense.
most nights i lay in bed awake,
even though i'm tired as shit.
i let the thoughts - let the thoughts tear me to bits.
i blame myself - blame myself i fell for all the tricks.

i've been living with these heavy chains
i let myself end up a slave
to all these modern day cliches
i don't feel awake, i just feel fucking drained

it's been so hard to stand up straight
when i'm so ashamed of the man that i became.

i watch the world live and love,
while i try my best to keep up.
i've been chained to the same spot
and i'm too weak to break the bonds.
i can't progress, i can't forget,
all the shit running through my head.
i haven't moved, i can't look back,
i'm dead in my fucking tracks.

when my time is up
and i leave this place,
i'll make sure i don't leave behind a trace.
i'll take everything i have,and everything i am
with me to my fucking grave


from Numb Forever, released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


vice ring London, Ontario

Hoop Life hardcore

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