Numb Forever

by vice ring

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released November 1, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Simon Larochette at the Sugar Shack



all rights reserved


vice ring London, Ontario

Hoop Life hardcore

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Track Name: Drain
i'm burdened by a fate
by a fate that i can't fix.
living like i'm scared of every word
that leaves my rotten lips.

some days i'm feeling low
most times it don't make sense.
most nights i lay in bed awake,
even though i'm tired as shit.
i let the thoughts - let the thoughts tear me to bits.
i blame myself - blame myself i fell for all the tricks.

i've been living with these heavy chains
i let myself end up a slave
to all these modern day cliches
i don't feel awake, i just feel fucking drained

it's been so hard to stand up straight
when i'm so ashamed of the man that i became.

i watch the world live and love,
while i try my best to keep up.
i've been chained to the same spot
and i'm too weak to break the bonds.
i can't progress, i can't forget,
all the shit running through my head.
i haven't moved, i can't look back,
i'm dead in my fucking tracks.

when my time is up
and i leave this place,
i'll make sure i don't leave behind a trace.
i'll take everything i have,and everything i am
with me to my fucking grave
Track Name: God's Gift (feat. Kevin Tanner)
you've got a funny step
and i don't like the way you're walking.
it's 2AM, and i don't feel like fucking talking.
i won't give you another chance
to break another promise.

you're so shit at being modest
i wanna knock you down a couple notches.

for all the anger inside of me
i can only blame you entirely
in my heart i'll always have a place
for all the precious time i wasted on you.

you've lost count of the souls that met your sheets
you failed every promise that you meant to keep.
you know what you want, and what you need,
but in the end it's easier to rinse and repeat.

you're not god's gift
a six foot drop below average
a bag of fucking rocks
in a pretty little package

[Kevin Tanner]
you talk and talk but i can't hear it no more
and still you live your life like someone's keeping the score
sooner or later i will have my revenge
and your perfect little world will come crashing down again.
Track Name: Hoax
i can't spend my life
in this place i loathe -
romanticizing mediocrity,
the working world's a hoax.
Track Name: Numb Forever
i'm always stuck with the short end of the stick.
always falling for the same old dirty tricks
i've had enough of this
so sick of your shit.

you're always in spots you shouldn't be
you always stretch the truth and drop the blame on me.
i can't stand to be in your sight
but i've lost all my will to fight.

reciprocation is all i ever wanted
i'm only met with conflict
and you're bending over backwards to keep my wounds salted

stop talking, nothing you say is true
i've spent a lifetime of energy on you.
the pleasure rushes to your skull
and i remain completely numb.

i'll be numb forever.