Dead Last

by vice ring

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released March 1, 2015



all rights reserved


vice ring London, Ontario

Hoop Life hardcore

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Track Name: Rot
A bag of bones
Under a mess of makeup
You should've left me, on my own.
Now it's time to pay up.

Answer for your fucking crimes.
You took everything I had
And you'll do your time.
A life of no love
Cause you wasted all of mine.
Yeah you wasted mine.

Tell me was it all worthwhile?
Was I just another regret
To add to your pile?

Tell me that you won
With that shattered fucking smile.

Rot in denial
Rot in denial
Track Name: Empty Promise
Living a life of empty promise
No release no fucking progress
A hole I dug down way too deep for me to find escape
I'm looking for a better way

Every day
Puts me face to fucking face
With everything in this world I hate

Piece by piece
I'll rip the flesh from my bones
I've done it in my head
A thousand times before

I'll rot like my youth
In the walls of this hell hole
It was the fucking truth
that was too much to handle
Track Name: Backbiter
I never would've guessed,
You'd be the one to drag me
down instead.
Blinded by the lies you spread
And every word I thought you meant.

Fuck you and your ill intent.

Against my will,
I wish you well.
You never knew me
But you know hell.
You've got your hands full
With an empty fucking shell.

You found love in your vices,
And in seeing me weak.
You're the fucking enemy.

Plague of the earth
Devoid of all worth.
I'll watch the worms
Pick you apart,
The way you did me first.

I'll watch the worms
Pick you apart,
The way you did me first.
You'll get what you deserve.
You'll get what you deserve.
Track Name: IDFWU
Everyone's trying to relate
To the same old shit.
In the same old place
You're not sad, perfectly sane,
An existential headache.

Your biggest accomplishment
Is preaching busted shit.
22 years old with the mind of
a fucking kid.

You're no activist
How can you fight for something
If you're afraid to get hit
Track Name: Dead Last
Broken bones, good for nothing
Sick of pulling knives out my back
By the dozen.
Shame on me for falling in another trap.
You'll get what's coming to you
You'll get what's coming to you

I put everything I had
into a broken glass.
I poured my heart and soul and
watched it slip through the cracks.

You've spit your last lie,
you know this wont come to pass.
You'll get what's coming to you,
Dead fucking last.